Launching of G2C Public Service Delivery Mobile Apps

Posted On: 2017-02-09

In order to improve public service delivery, the G2C Office under the Prime Minister’s Office developed 15 mobile apps in collaboration with the various agencies. These were launched by Honorable Prime Minister of Bhutan this morning (9th February 2017) at the Convention Centre in the presence of ministers, secretaries, heads of respective agencies and ICT officers. Of the 15 mobile apps, DDC Dictionary, Dzongkha for Kids and Dzongkha Competency Test were developed in collaboration with Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC). The main features of the Dzongkha mobile apps are as given hereunder:

  1. DDC Dictionary App
    The app consists of major monolingual (Dzongkha) and bilingual (Dzongkha-English and English-Dzongkha) dictionaries of the DDC.

  2. Dzongkha for Kids App
    This app uses audios, visuals, games and quizzes for kids to learn the Dzongkha alphabets, numbers and some basic Dzongkha words with correct spelling and pronunciation.
  1. Dzongkha test App
    This interactive app to self-test Dzongkha competency will help the users learn from their weaknesses. The app consists of Dzongkha Grammar, spelling, honorifics and numbers.

Refer the link below to view the guidelines for downloading and install the apps;